No limitation on number of attendees Hosted in the cloud for virtually unlimited scale and accessibility. Live events with no limitations on concurrent attendees


Virtual access will mitigate the travelling expenses of Attendees Nominal rental charges for Standard virtual Exhibition Booths.No printing / Mounting / fabrication cost for Exhibitors

Safe & Secure

In COVID19 scenario, Virtual Exhibition is an ideal business networking platform. Password protected access to Attendees. End to End Data encryptions for Data Security. Visitor access only through registration and.

User Accessibility

Reach and Interact with Exhibitor / Delegates / Buyers/attendees on any device, any platform at the comfort of your Full experience on both Android and iOS mobile devices Cross-browser viewing; IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari


Qualified Leads

It can bring more attendees with qualified leads.

Saves Money

Saves money incurred on logistics, lodging and boarding in case of physical exhibitions


Interaction possible with all the visitors which is not possible at physical events.

Increased Exposure

Virtual trade shows give exhibitors increased exposure

Enhanced Sales

Various forms of media enhance the sales experience.


Attendees and exhibitors engage at an unprecedented rate